How much water do I need and how to make water drinking simple?

2-4 litre water a day. Dont drink energy drinks or sodas. Clean, pure water is what you want. Always bring a small bottle of water with you. Ask for a refill whenever you have got the chance.

How do I eat healthy while in suites?

Bring crackpots to cook simple meals. Cheap and convenient. I prefer staying in apartments or somewhere you can access a kithen. Might cost extra. Ask the receptionist

How to reach my daily calorie intake?

Keep track of what you eat. If you are not experienced with this, I highly suggest bringing your phone with a tracking app. When it comes to eating enough food, try to always bring snacks. Never og hungry. To not plan is to plan for failure. Always think ahead.178369635_XS


If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask whenever. Ill make sure to put them up here after answering them.